A Home Away from Home in Platte City

Getting away from it all doesn’t have to mean that you’ve chosen to rough it. Here at Basswood Resort Campground and Country Inn, we understand that. You want to get away from the hustle and bustle, not the good things in life. That’s why we offer all the amenities you could want.

Distance, not Disconnected

wifi-rv-resort-basswoodYou want to put some distance between yourself and all the obnoxious noise and artificial environments. Some places might mistake that from wanting to completely get away. We know that isn’t what you want. You want some distance from all those things, not to be disconnected from the world. Sure, you can choose to disconnect if you want, but for those times where you want to be informed, we’ve ensured that you have access to free high-speed Wi-Fi.


rv-resort-activitiesYour first day or so of vacation will certainly be one where you just go with the flow and let yourself relax. The only problem is that you can only do that for so long before you get a little stir-crazy. We understand that and we’ve added some structure around which you can build your vacation. Spice up your vacation by participating in the themed weekend. During the summer, you can jump into any of our organized activities.

Classic Fun for the Whole Family

playground-camping-resortYou enjoy fishing. Why shouldn’t you? It’s been something that’s a part of your life. Maybe it’s a legacy from your family. Your father taught you to fish and it was a special family tradition. You can pass on that tradition to your kids here when you fish in our stocked lakes. Maybe you like fishing, but the kids aren’t. That’s okay. You can fish while they use the splash playground, super play structure, or the sparkling outdoor swimming pool.

About Basswood Resort Campground and Country Inn

The beautiful Basswood trees are what gives Basswood Resort Campground and Country Inn its name. Come visit the place Peak magazine described as “provides perhaps the most beautiful wooded lakefront setting in the Kansas City area.” We offer all the above amenities as well as laundry facilities, pizza parlor, and walking trails on a 73-acre estate, located just 20 miles north of Kansas City. Plan your stay at www.basswoodresort.com