Is it Platte City or the Wild, Wild West?

The city where Basswood Resort Campground and Country Inn is located, Platte City, Missouri and its environs are home to three very interesting if slightly nefarious activities that took place in the past. The area also holds a renowned county fair!

Bonnie and Clyde

On their short lives, the duo and various henchman got around. Reports suggest that Clyde loved to drive and motor he did, cutting wide swaths throughout the Southwest and part of the Midwest. Lasting for about a year and a half, the duo’s crime wave brought them to The Red Crown Tavern and Red Crown Tourist Court just south of Platte City, Missouri (not Platte City, Iowa as the sign said in the 1967 Bonnie and Clyde movie) on July 20, 1933. A gun battle ensured and the outlaws made their escape.

However, Buck Barrow, Clyde’s brother who was with him, received a fatal wound and Blanche, his wife, ended up being blinded in one eye. The outlaws were tracked down and cornered four days later near Dexter, Iowa.

Jesse James

This was more of a non-event. The Platte City Bank was a target of a robbery by Jesse and his new gang. However, it never occurred because Bob Ford shot Jesse the morning of the planned raid in 1882.

The Civil War

On December 16, 1861, a union squad led by Colonel W. James Morgan’s razed Platte City, including the courthouse.

The Platte County Fair began in 1863 and is held each year. It is said to be the oldest continuously operating a fair west of the Mississippi River.

Platte City, a pretty exciting place…but not as much fun as Basswood Resort Campground and Country Inn!

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