Kansas City is Close to Basswood Resort

The weather is starting to break, or at least it seems to be. This year the weather seems to be following a two steps forward, one step back system. Regardless though, you know that you can relax and have fun in a country stetting when you visit Basswood Resort Campground and Country Inn. However, you do need to occasionally foray into the city and you can’t get a better city to visit than nearby Kansas City.

Best Side?

While Kansas City is a fantastic city, it can be a little overwhelming to figure out where all the good spots are. After all, you’ve had enough of the mass produced, fast food, cheap trinkets experience as you travelled across the country. You want something personally made, with meaning and flavor. So where can you find it in Kansas City? The good news is, a lot of places. Kansas City abounds with flavor and culture. Might we recommend a specific neighborhood? If so, you ought to check out Westside.

Kansas City to do, Fun in Kansas City

What to do in Kansas City

What is there to do? A whole host of things. You can do some great shopping at Westside. Try out Westside Storey where they blend modern and vintage styles. You can find local artists’ creations or look for antiques. Hungry? Head on over to 17th and Summit, where you’ll find most of the eateries. Check out Westside Local, Blue Bird Bistro, Novel and Chez Elle Creperie. If you’re visiting the latter and want something sweet and rich, try out the Paris crepe.

About Basswood Resort Campground and Country Inn

“Provides perhaps the most beautiful wooded lakefront setting in the Kansas City area.” This is the praise sung by Peak magazine about Basswood Resort Campground and Country Inn. They offer numerous amenities, including Wi-Fi, pizza parlor, and walking trails on a 73-acre estate, located just 20 miles north of Kansas City.

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