Missouri Rivers

Here in Missouri we’re spoiled for choice when it comes to rivers. Come to think of it, so are you when you stay here at Basswood Resort Campground and Country Inn. There’s the Mississippi, Missouri, Grand, Thompson, Osage, Gasconade, Nodaway, Chariton, and the Platte; just to name a few. Located here in Platte City, you can guess which one we’re partial to.

Served Up on a Platter

Spending time near a river, you become accustomed to all the joys that go along with the waterways and it’s hard to think of one more enjoyable than fishing. When you’re fishing you can just relax and let the day go by as you enjoy one of the great pastimes out there.

You’ll find that most of the fishing you do on the Platte is going to net you one of several types of fish. Channel, blue, and flathead catfish are the most common.

Fishing in Missouri

Channel Catfish

Familiarizing Yourself

In case you’re new to the region or fishing in general, here’s some info to help you along. The channel catfish is sometimes called the spotted cat, blue cat, lady cat, and a host of other names. It has smooth skin and barbels (whiskers) around its mouth. It has a forked tail, but the dark spots on its sides and the anal find with a rounded edge can help you distinguish it from blue catfish.

You can find adults in the deep water during the day, but at night you’ll find them in the shallows or near cover. While usually 1 to 15 pounds, don’t be surprised if you catch one weighing in at 45 pounds. The flathead is similar in appearance to the channel, but is distinguished by its broad, flattened head. These typically weigh in at 1 to 45 pounds

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