Shopping Near Basswood Resort Campground and Country Inn

When you stay at Basswood Resort Campground and Country Inn you’ll have some time to lean back and relax in natural surroundings. Just in case you get too relaxed and need to scratch that shopping bug, you should take a look at Platte City.

Thrift Shopping

Just because you need to scratch that itch, doesn’t mean it has to cost an arm and a leg. Consider looking at some great deals on gently used items that also helps others. The Hillcrest Thrift Shop, voted best thrift store in the Northland, is a great place to do both those things. They have 15,000 sq. ft. of clean and organized items. 90% of the funds they raise goes back to the mission.

Another Man’s Treasure

Perhaps you’re in the shopping mood and are looking for something a little more historical. Consider dropping by W.D. Picker’s Antique Mall. Just seeing some items while antiquing can be its own reward, but who doesn’t want to take home a beautiful piece with a history of its own. They have a 10,000-square foot showroom where you can find stoneware, china, toys, jewelry, records, furniture, memorabilia and more. They have over 120 dealers ready to help you find the perfect item.

That Special Occasion

Have something special coming up? Maybe you just need something to brighten up your mood and RV? Consider stopping at Platte City Flowers and Gifts. They have flowers for every occasion in a range of prices. You’re sure to find something that will fit the bill. Nothing will brighten a room more than Teleflora’s Citrus Smiles Bouquet.

About Basswood Resort Campground and Country Inn

Basswood Resort and Country Inn is named after the Basswood trees that grow nearby. According to Peak magazine it “provides perhaps the most beautiful wooded lakefront setting in the Kansas City area.” This campground and country inn offers fishing, swimming, high speed Wi-Fi, and walking trails on a 73-acre estate, located just 20 miles north of Kansas City. Book your vacation at