Some Platte City History

Located in beautiful Missouri, guests at Basswood Resort Campground and Country Inn, always know a little something about Kansas City, which is nearby, but usually can’t tell us anything about Platte City, our actual hometown. That’s a true shame because Platte City has plenty of history to offer.


Platte City’s history goes all the way back to 1838 when Zadock Martin and his sons built a dam on the Platte River. There was a nearby village of 200 called Martinsville. In 1839 the Platte County Court approved this site as the location for the County Seat due to its central location and gave it the official moniker, Platte City. In 1840 the development and sale of the first lots began. Within a few short months there were six stores and 400 inhabitants. By 1843 it was incorporated as a city.

Platte City Courthouse


From there Platte City began to grow. Soon a doctor made the city his home. Initially church services would be held within people homes and barns until 1842. At that point the first Court House was completed and opened for use. Denominations held services there until they could develop their own buildings. The first to do so was a Methodist church in 1838 and in the decades that followed Baptist, Christian, and Catholic opened as well. Presbyterians were present, but shared the Methodist church.

Destruction and Rebuilding

During the Civil War the Court House amongst other buildings were destroyed in a fire set by Union forces. After the war it was relocated and rebuilt. Platte City’s first college was also a building that had been burnt down. In the decades that followed public school buildings were created, telephone connections made, electric lights and water works installed.

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