Winter Excitement in Platte City

Let the faint of heart spend all their time migrating south as soon as the leaves fall. That’s for the birds, not for you. You want to experience winter in all its glory. Is it really winter if there’s no snow on the ground? No bite in the air? When you’re visiting Platte City, Mo and staying at the Basswood Resort Campground and Country Inn, you’re going to get all that.


If you’re visiting before the end of 2017 you absolutely need to take some time and visit Worlds of Fun. What’s that you say? You’ve been there, done that? Have you been there for Winterfest? No? Then think about this. Thousands of lights sending out an inviting glow. Ten live shows, over 16 holiday characters, 9 holiday activities, and park attractions. Not only that, but they gear the food to the holiday season as well. Comet’s Cookies and Cream offers hot chocolate, eggnog, and coffee. You can get the above and Hot Buttered Rum at Spike’s Cheery Concoctions.

Shiloh Santa

That sounds great, sure, but what about something a little more…daring? Well, why not check out Snow Creek or Tornado Alley in Weston. They have over 60 snowmaking machines and offer skiing and snowboarding for the expert and the not-yet-an-expert. For those in the latter category they also offer ski school lessons. Don’t own any gear? Not a problem! You can rent it. Maybe you’d like a tubing run instead? Snow tube down a 700-foot-long slope, then jump on a conveyor carpet to do it again.

About Basswood Resort Campground and Country Inn

“Provides perhaps the most beautiful wooded lakefront setting in the Kansas City area.” This is the praise sung by Peak magazine about Basswood Resort Campground and Country Inn. They offer numerous amenities, including Wi-Fi, pizza parlor, and walking trails on a 73-acre estate, located just 20 miles north of Kansas City.

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